Calcium carbonate or calcite (CaCO3) is a type of largely  crystallized, fragile and  transparent  marble with a specific gravity of 2.6-2.8 and hardness scale of 3 Mohs.


After being rendered to micron size by grinding, calcite is one of the basic and essential raw materials used in many sectors including paint, paper, plastic (PVC pipes, profiles, panels, etc.), cable, construction (plaster, paste, grouting, gypsum plaster making, glues), food, ceramic and pharma industries. Calcite is a raw material which is commonly used due to its whitening properties, low price and other qualifications.


In a similar vein, 25-30% of calcite is used in water based paint systems of interior and exterior paints in painting industry and thus costs are reduced due to decline in titanium dioxide consumption.


As the auxiliary and most common raw material used in many industrial fields, calcite alleviates use of other precious raw materials with similar properties, including highly expensive pigments like titanium dioxide. Therefore, it offers a very high economic value.  Furthermore, calcite is used in many countries to enrich soil and reduce the acidity of polluted lakes.



In our laboratory, where the most professional and technological equipment of the relevant field are used, analysis and measurements are made by our experienced and academic staff continuously controlling every stage of production process.


Calibrations and maintenance of our analyzers are made periodically. Raw materials are sampled and controlled before the production phase and the production quality is kept at the highest level.


In our laboratory, R & D studies are also carried out in addition to routine analysis such as particle distribution, whiteness measurement, determination of moisture, ash testing.

Calcite Practice Areas


Our Calcite Mineral Powder is widely used in various industries like plastic, paint, construction sector,rubber and so on. Also, we manufacture our White Calcite Powder under the best manufacturing conditions so that there is no compromise in their quality.



Total quality management where all of our laborers and staff participate actively and the constant development of all activities are our main policy. To this end, we aim to reach a sustainable quality level and to ensure customer satisfaction. Our sense of quality also covers sensitivity to environment problems and worker’s health and safety.


In our establishments, we apply ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 Labor Health Safety Management System.

Paint and Surface Coatings


It controls the viscosity.

It lowers the cost by reducing the consumption of titanium dioxide.

It enhances opacity due to its high whiteness property.

It strengthens.

It increases the impact resistance of the paint film.

It gives brightness to the paint.

It prevents the paint films to peel off.

It has an ultra-hiding power.

It has a high dispersion feature.

It provides brightness due to its broad surface area.

It isn’t harmful to health.

Plastic sector


Depending on different chemical surface coating, it provides dop oil saving.

It provides pigment saving due to its high whiteness.

It has a flame retardant property due to its chemical structure.

It increases the writability of the packing materials.

It has a positive effect on notched impact strength.

It has a regulatory impact on the viscosity in polymer.

Construction sector


It has high whiteness.

It is an agent.

It has standard particle distribution on AFS scale.

It is a color carrier.

It increases the bonding strength.

It cuts the time of drying.

It is used often as it provides economic formulation.

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